Upgrading a CJ PV-10A

I would like to know if there are any suggestions on what can be done to improve this unit from stock by replacing caps, capacitors etc. Anyone done this? What parts did you use or do you have any recommendations? I am not a techie, nor can I handle a soldering iron but I have an electrical eng. friend who loves doing this kind of stuff, so what I really need is a parts list and where to purchase.
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I had a PV10A and replaced the high voltage caps in the power supply. However, the originals were just starting to show their age and the unit wasn't as quiet as when I first acquired it. In fact, it actually had started generating hash in the near-20KHz range (above what I can hear - I need to thank my son for pointing that out). I got the replacement caps straight from CJ and they made a prompt improvement in sound quality. These models are now in the fifteen year old range and replacing those HV caps probably isn't a bad idea.
I recommend you have a conversation with Bill Thalmann at Music Technology in Springfield, Virginia. Bill is a highly talented and skilled technician who has done a lot of superb work on equipment across the entire c-j line. You will be in good hands.

Bill Thalmann
Music Technology
5414-B Port Royal Road
Springfield, VA 22151
Phone: (703) 764-7005
I second Rushton's opinion.Bill was a Chief Senior Engineer at Conrad-Johnson for many years so he knows the best where they cut corners.When i was upgrading my unit,i got raving reccomendations from CJ tech guys themselves.
Be prepared for several weeks wait though because Bill got his hands full but at the end you'll be rewarded.
My thanks to all. I will give Bill a call.
Hoopster, not to confuse things, but in addition to Bill Thalmann, another excellent technician who has done some good work on c-j tube equipment is Bob Backert. I couldn't find his contact information last night, but found it today. I recommend both Bill and Bob, you can trust either one of them with your equipment.

Bob Backert
152 Windsor Drive
Churchville, PA