Upgrades to UHD Blu-Ray

Specificall, can we expect a new Oppo 105+ ?

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Does LED have more pixels than Plasma?
Matt. I've got a very recent (1 yr) Panasonic 1080P plasma. I don't want to upgrade - just want the best feed for this, I think it's 52 inches. Very happy with blu-ray and hi-def from cable. Does up sampling from 1080p to the 4K mean anything for my rig?
Thx Sc53. I remember all those Bly-Ray samples for the sales floor demos. Especially cartoons. All just designed to 'wow'.
Now I have adapted to BluRay quality via HDMI to our upper end plasmas; and I now find DVD's picture quality lacking! Whereas I can still remember first seeing a DVD on whatever was then top line TV, Steven Segal flick on a boat. Girl jumped out of cake,etc--and I almost never remember movies..
I think 4K is stunning, as it should be, but i"m still satisfied with BluRay on my panny for now. I expect "8k" is not far off and then I think it will be like the airline industry- comfort similar in all top models. No going to 4 wings or 6 engines, it flies as is. I think much of the annoying unnaturalness was due to adjustments of brightness, color saturation or hue, contrast etc.