Upgrades to UHD Blu-Ray

Specificall, can we expect a new Oppo 105+ ?
OLED is the next technology for TV's, looks way better than UHD. Currently the 40" OLED are running around $3000.00 or more. This is why the 4k's are coming down so fast in price. Wait for 6 mons and see where the OLED TV's are then, in size and price. Oppo 105 already up samples all 1080P to 4K UHD. I doubt that Oppo would come out with another edition of the 105 they will probably come out with a much different model.
The few "new" things on the horizon are:
1. "Atmos" surround which brings new audio channels to the game. Specifically, you can hang speakers from your ceiling to enhance the sound field (a LOT of speakers from what I've read).

2. A new connection standard called "HD-BASE-T" that allows for much longer runs of HDMI cable (up to 350 feet give-or-take). You can keep you system in the basement and run HDMI to your TV in the living room, bedroom etc.
I think the current limit is about 30 feet.

3. New HDMI tech standards to allow native 4K (and 8K?) to feed your 4K TV.

Anything else?
Matt. I've got a very recent (1 yr) Panasonic 1080P plasma. I don't want to upgrade - just want the best feed for this, I think it's 52 inches. Very happy with blu-ray and hi-def from cable. Does up sampling from 1080p to the 4K mean anything for my rig?
4k is the HD TV where you have a LED TV with TONS of pixels packed in there. I think with your plasma TV it would make sense to have a Oppo 105 or something like that. Then all your blue rays would be upsampled to 4K! I think the Plasma would look stunning.
Just to clarify--the Oppo Blue Ray players will upsample to 4K/UHD only if you have a 4K/UHD TV. It won't upsample to your regular 1080P HDTV (Panasonic plasma). A review says trying to do so may "lock up" the player.
Panasonic got out of the plasma business because they (and probably everyone else) can't make a plasma TV that does UHD/4k, so all 4k TV's will be LCD/LED or OLED.
I love my Panasonic G15 plasma! I was so bummed to learn they are no longer making that technology. From the "viewing" I've done at Best Buy and HH Gregg, I do not like LED at all, and 4K looks so vivid it's almost cartoon-like, not natural at all like my G15 plasma. I hope you can adjust those 4K sets to a more natural, lifelike presentation, since they are the future and one day my G15 will die.
Thx Sc53. I remember all those Bly-Ray samples for the sales floor demos. Especially cartoons. All just designed to 'wow'.
Now I have adapted to BluRay quality via HDMI to our upper end plasmas; and I now find DVD's picture quality lacking! Whereas I can still remember first seeing a DVD on whatever was then top line TV, Steven Segal flick on a boat. Girl jumped out of cake,etc--and I almost never remember movies..
I think 4K is stunning, as it should be, but i"m still satisfied with BluRay on my panny for now. I expect "8k" is not far off and then I think it will be like the airline industry- comfort similar in all top models. No going to 4 wings or 6 engines, it flies as is. I think much of the annoying unnaturalness was due to adjustments of brightness, color saturation or hue, contrast etc.