Upgrades to kef 104/2 - recommendations

The kef 104/2 are one of my favorite speakers. They have certainly passed the test of time, Many speakers have tried to copy their designs and philophies,but have failed in their ability to replicate the quality of cabinetry and crossover design that these speakers possess. Unfortunately time is not on their side. I am interested in any upgrades that individuals have made. Any comments or experiences one might want to share would be appreciated.
If you like Kefs, then check out the new Kef Referance 200 series. I own the 205s. I love them. Also, the closest thing to Kef is, of course, Tannoy.
I would recommend revamping the crossovers with better components. The design is quite good, but the crossover could probably use upgraded caps, coils and resistors.
The proprietor to empirical audio would be a good person to ask. I read he's got a sooped up 104/2. I used to have a 103/4, and it's a great speaker too.
Does anyone have any recommendations as to any viable replacements to the internal woofers for the KEF 104/2s? I found that the internal woofers of my KEF 104/2 speakers are beyond repair. Thanks and advise when you can.
i replaced my 104.2s, which i never fell in love with, with the kef reference model 1, which i believe were the first line to use the uniq technology. with due respect to the many rabid fans of the 104.2s, i believe the model 1s are superior--huge soundstage, great, detailed high end, tho a bit loose in the low end. the bigger reference models (2,3,4) are well, bigger, and likely better. i periodically see 'em listed here very inexpensively; they're well worth checking out.