Upgrades or a different table?

After owning my rega P5 for three years with DV 10x5, all stock with no groove tracer or any other kind of upgrades, I'm wondering if it's worthy to invest to max performance or buying a new table?
Rest of my system.
Luxman 550 A II
Harbeth C7es3
PS audio phono
AZ hologram cables
Nordost RD LS series XLR IC.
Hegel HD11 DAC
PS audio PWD MKI
AZ silver reference IC

Do you think that my TT/cartridge is a weak link on my setup?

I listen 90% vinyl vs 10% digital.

All input highly appreciated, I'm curious about VPI TT And others.

Regards and thank you all.
If you listen to classical music, speed stability and striking 33.3 rmp is most important. Look to the classic Japanese DD of the late 70s 80s. If you can afford new prices, look at Brinkman.

When using older TTs with rubber mats, replace them with a product from TTWeights or the like. The compliant rubber creates small flex and lost music retrieval.

I am not familiar with your cartridge. However, a Denon DL-S1 is a very fine choice at a reasonable price (Comet Supply or Galen Carol).
Well your phono box retailed for $1,000. in 2006.
The P5 with speed control added was about $1,650 retail.
Now the cart is $450 current $$.
So I would say the cart and phono box are below the level of the P5 already.
Mainly adding the Power supply box from Rega, and the subplatter. Would make the table even better than the cart and phono box.

The first thing to upgrade is the cart. (unless it is not very worn. I would use it up, myself, if I had it. 1,000 hours, then buy a better cart.) or keep it for a spare.
The phono box is good, but also not quite as good as the table.
Consider the TT with power and subplatter is $2,000 with a $800 to $1,000 cartridge is $3,000.
Your Phono box should be near it's equal.
$1,500 to $2,000 used and you GOT something.

I use a Bryston BP 1.5 ($2,600 plus the power supply it needs which i have anyway for the Bryston BP-26 $$)
For my P5. With a Benz Glider $1,000.

If you want a moving coil cart, then the best phono box you can afford is the ticket. Once you have a good one.. It is a keeper.
The electrical signal is super tiny from a cart. and getting it boosted well costs money.

So if it is keep the cart and phono box to make a lateral move with a new TT.. only aa little better. No Way!!
Go for the cartridge, and a good phono box.
If the cuurrent cart is pretty new. just get the phono box.
Replace the cart later when it is worn $1,000 hrs.

((I use a golf clicker to count the sides, then X3 20 min a side to calculate hours. Way better than guessing.)

I do not own an aftermarket subplatter. But it is something i want.
I have no plans to replace my P5.
I would replace the Phono asap
Phono preamp is always a good move. I haven't heard the PS audio it may be a good unit. If it were me I would put an Audiomods classic arm on the Rega. This will be a substantial improvement since you plan on keeping the Rega.
What phono are you guys suggesting as a keeper, considering the rest of my setup.
I think i can do better in analog with upgrades on my p5, i appreciate so much your time helping me with this.
The cart is brand new, i guess i have to sell the ps audio and get a different one but so many to choose from!
I had owned a blown out totally upgraded P5 for 3 years.
GT Su-platter, GT Delrin, Michell Technoweights, Dual White belts on Lim dual pulley, TTPS, Dyna 10X5, Limm feet etc.
it was excellent!

I wanted to change (nuts) so I sold it as is. The buyer got one hell of a deal and a superb sounding P5.You don't see very many around this upgraded being sold.

I would not do the upgrades unless you were planning on keeping the table for some time. You will not recoup the $900+ as I had invested unless you sell these parts separate and you will not get it back either way.

With all that I have since purchased something else that surpasses the upgraded P5.

Simple, if it is a keeper upgrade.