Upgrades for older Conrad Johnson?

I'm buying a Conrad Johnson tube amp, the older MV75A1 from a guy that is going to send it in first to C-V for some noise issues it has. While its there do any of you recommend other upgrades that may benefit the sound? I dont really know the amp or what services they may offer but I was thinking an upgrade of the caps if they offer it would make sense. What do you guys think of that amp?
Another possibility is to send it to Bill Thalmann at Music Technology.

Bill worked at CJ for a very long time and just might know more about that amp than the current CJ staff (other than Bill Conrad and Lew Johnson of course). I think he was technical director at CJ or something like that.

His website is at the link below. His website even mentions CJ repairs and upgrades. He is the guy on the right of the two pictures. Great guy to deal with. Knows his stuff. Drop him an email or call.

It's been a while. I would have them install edison price music posts for speaker output. tiffany rca jacks. the power switch could be replaced.
A reliable power switch would be nice. Good luck, Dave
Sending it to C-J will get it repaired. Depending on how much more you may want to spend I would recommend that the power supply caps be replaced and purchase the best output tubes you can find. The '75 is heavily biased into class "A" which is hard on output tubes. The Svetlana 6550 tube (the "flying C" logo) is the best bet of the new offerings. The poster above mentioned Bill Thalman. He is an excellent source for upgrades and repairs. He offers an upgrade package for that amp. I have had both my amps upgraded by him and recommend his work.