Upgrades for Magnepan 2.5R's?

I've had a beautifully mint pair of 2.5R's for years now, and I love the way they sound. Occasionally though, I find myself wondering if there are any tweaks to the electronics that the average user can do to make a significant difference. I'm handy with a soldering iron and confident I could build/upgrade something if I had simple instructions, but I'm not an EE. And, while I'd love to go out and buy a set of 3.6R's or a high-end external XO, that's not likely to happen right now so we can skip those suggestions :)

My Maggies are being driven by an equally beautiful/vintage pair of Carver Silver-9t's, although I have an 806x and a 705x if multiple channels can be used to better effect. My RCA connections and speaker wires were hand-built by me and are fully shielded, OF silver-plated copper with silver-plated shielding.

I'm using Carver's SD/A-490t CD transport (tubes on the output stage and a built-in volume control so no preamp is necessary), and peeling off frequencies below 80Hz through a 13" Sunfire true sub. I have other subs lying around too, including several from Energy, and I've tried them in different configurations but found I go back to the Sunfire.

My last system upgrade was to have Bob Carver sign my 490t... I'm sure it helped, but I'm open to other ideas.

Any suggestions?
The site you want to go to is over at Audio Asylum


That is the planar forum and will have all the stuff you might seek