Upgrades for AES AE-3 Pre. any thought's?

I am using the AE-3 with a Forte 4A, I love the sound but want to see if I can get more detail, air and resoultion out of it. I have oil caps in it, I also have the greyhill selector and hex diods but need to have them installed. I am debating about just getting a AE-3 DJH but would prefer at this time to upgrade this one if I can get it to sound close to the DJH for minimal $$$ Thanks
The Jensen Oil caps are good sounding. If you have any Solen caps in the pre..you may want to replace them with equiv. value in the V-caps..supposed to be a big improvement.

The DJH also has Solens which are not truely great sounding.

Put the best power cord you can afford on it and make sure to isolate from vibration,...that will also improve the resolution for you.