Upgraded power cord to fit my Vandersteen5A's

I recently purchased a pair of Acoustic Zen power cords to upgrade from the stock PC's that come with the 5A's. The problem is that the end that fits into the amp will not fit in because of the heat fins obstructing the larger female connector. Has anyone out there with Vandersteen 5A speakers found an upgraded PC that will fit, and also was it worth the upgrade. Thanks
The Audioquest NRG-10, 4, or 2 will fit you can see them online at Needle Doctor.
I tried Audioquest power cords on the Quatro with zero benefit in sound, I personally dont think its worth it, besides its below 100hz, what do you expect to hear anyway?
Its not going to make bass tighter or anything else IMO.
I am a firm believer in upgraded power cords, use them and have heard a gain in sound on many occasions but in this situation at these frequencies I dont see it happening, IMHO. Cheers
I had the same problem with my Von Schweikert db 99 speakers. I found that the Shunyata Diamondback power cords fit, make a big improvement and can be found on the used market for a fair price.
Try one of these http://shunyata.com/Content/products-UniversalAdapter.html

Then you can use any power cord!.