Upgraded fuses in Acoustat 2 + 2's

Have any of the Goners replaced the 5A and .25A slow blow fuses in the Acoustat 2 = 2's with the Hi-Fi Tuning fuses? What were the results? Thanks in advance. Ed
Hi Ed i have ad model 1+1 2+2 Spectra 22 and Spectra 33 and i have always bypass the fuse this will improve the sound but when there is a storm shut the system off the Acoustats are almost industructable nothing and i mean nothing wrong in using them in 25 years and i have quite a few friends with them
A agree with Mracoustat. The fuses are if anything to protect the amps... and most amps have some sort of thermal regulation or fusing anyhow. It would be very difficult to damage an Acoustat speaker... as long as you have the bias supplies plugged in. If you forget to do that then you risk damaging the bass transformers.
They are a very well built speaker. Long story short. I accidently shot a hole (9mm) thru one of my 2+2's years ago. No, I wasn't drunk just doing something stupid. The panel still played with a hole in it, although when pushed you could see the arc and hear the gap in the panel. I think they Acoustat held on to that panel for awhile to show and tell the story!
I have and the results were positive to say the least.Make sure to add the WA chips.

The next "fix" was to replace the old RCA and cheap IEC connectors with the top of the line from Furutech.

The increased clarity and focus was well worth the added expense.

It's made a great sounding speaker better.

Like most things in this hobby, we never know how great some gear is because we compromise it with inferior parts.

Add some good upscale power cords and a dedicated 20 amp line and the great Furutech GTX gold receptacle and you are in for a real pleasant surprise.

The aforementioned upgrades have brought this speaker into the 21st century.