Upgrade your RCA's

Furutech CF 102R are now on my I mtr interconnects from source to LSA.The same Furutechs have been on my long runs(25')of interconnect from my LSA to my power amps.

Was it worth the added expense?
Yes,I would suggest that before selling off your interconnects and spending some big bucks,just replace those RCA with this model from Furutech.

I am not certain if it's because both cables now use the same wires and connections that is the reason,
or if the screw connectors instead of the previous soldered
connection is the reason for the improvements.

I certainly wouldn't rule out the materials used in the 102R either,and so it's got to be all of these things.

So what's different?

My best description would be to describe the sound now as being more precise, less edgy ,but I wouldn't have used those terms describing the sound of my system before the change.

To my ears it's the sonic equivalent of going from a grit sandpaper to a fine grade.

Don't let the cost of these connectors discourage you from trying them.

They are used on some very expensive cables, and for good reason.
You can get some of the high priced sound just by using these on your existing wires.
Later you pair them up with better quality wire in the future.

Once more,I am inclined to believe that it's the quality of the connectors that make or break most wires.
Lacee - you are not wrong - the connector can achieve very discernible improvements based on my own experience with the KLE Innovations Harmony RCA line of connectors

But I didn't stop there - I removed the two conductors from within my DH Labs BL-1 interconnect cable and braided them with thick nylon from a weed-eater - it works well :-)

The improvements included much clearer details, bigger image and much crisper dynamics

Give it a try
Materials have different abilities to transport information (based on AES Standard). Most connectors kill 30% of information right at the input, no matter what kind of expensive cables you use. Cost controlling....