Upgrade turntable from an Amazon Model 2

Anyone with some experience with Amazon turntables have a suggestion on how to better an Amazon Model 2? I've been very happy with it but now that I've gone to the ASR Basis Exclusive, I feel like there's more to squeeze out of the LPs than I'm hearing. I've been happy with my Moerch UP4, but maybe that's part of the issue. I've tried a DP-6 and it's not a better arm, at least in my system. I've been through my LP12 stage and an idler period and like the Amazon better than both of those but I'm wondering what's the next step up? Only limitation is size. It has to fit on a Target wall shelf because my room is very bouncy.
Jerry at 10Audio really liked the Amazon Referenz and Moerch DP-8. See his review at link.

Basis 2200
It does seem that many table manufactures are getting away from vinyl and going to composite materials so that might be your next step. Having said that there are better arms then the Moerch so you might step up to a better arm on your Amazon and see what the results are before you sell it outright.
Thanks, sounds. I didn't even consider that... not sure why. Probably because I just love the unipivot sound. Brings great air to my Quad ESLs. But I know there are better arms. I should probably try a Schroder first since that's another arm Amazon likes with their tables. And the DP8, but it's a lot of money.
I used to have a schroder on my amazon and that sound awfully good. I was just looking for a photo I had taken of that at the RMAF.. Maybe I have it some place.