upgrade TT or speakers??

Hello. I'm going to start to give some serious thought to upgrading part of my stereo. I have a Bryston 3bst, Odyssey Tempest extreme pre, Rega Planar 2 TT with benz micro silver TT and Vandersteen 1C speakers. I'm not sure if the TT or speakers are holding me back the most. Should I go for the speakers and get a pair of Vandersteen 2ce Signatures or upgrade the turntable. If I upgrade the TT, it would be in the range of a VPI scout or Michell Gyrodec with the RB250 arm. Any thoughts on which is holding me back more/ which should I upgrade? Thanks for your input.
I recommend upgrading the speakers. The 2 is significantly better than the 1. The Scout and Michell are much better than the Rega but I think you'll get more of an improvement with addressing the speakers first.
Whats the goal? More what, less what, better what etc.

How large is your room? Although as Narrod says, the 2CE signature is better here's my qualifier. I had a pair of 1Cs in a small room and upgraded to the 2CE sigs a while back. Big mistake for me as the larger Vandys did not work as well as the 1Cs in the small room. The 1Cs are a true audio bargain.
My stereo is in my living room- probably 13'x20' with the speakers along the long wall. I believe that this room is large enough to handle speakers this large. As far as the goal- I want an overall cleaner and more natural sound... more of a realistic presentation. I will eventually upgrade both, but only one new gift to myself per year:).
I say upgrade your power delivery/noise control, if you have any. If none, then it's a good time to start.