Upgrade Triton two to Triton two +

Wondering if anyone here has made this move and if so how significant an upgrade it was? I currently have Triton twos but admit the reviews of the two plus have me thinking about moving up. Just don’t know how much value I’d get out of that move. Obviously I need to audition at a dealer but always love to have first hand feedback from Agoners
Dave, FWIW I have Triton 1's for sale in a custom color on USA Audiomart. My son has the 2's and there's no comparison, night and day difference. The 1's are far superior in every way.
Dave, I think you're on the right track. Auditioning the 2+ and One is the way to go. In the final analysis, it's what sounds right to *your* ears with *your* music in *your* room. And if that's your T2s - so be it. They're still darned good speakers.

We didn't spend much time with the T1 at the dealer's - great speaker but out of our budget. But from our brief listen I'd say the 2+ and One share a lot of virtues. The One is more extended and detailed in the treble, more bass slam, and it will play louder in a bigger space (irrelevant for you), but the Two+ is no slouch in the bass department, and there are times where a slightly sweeter top end is very welcome - especially when Opera Beau and I are playing our vintage recordings. We didn't feel like we were taking a big step down when listening to the 2+ after a spell with the T1.

If you're so inclined, please report back after your shoot-out  and let us know your thoughts.
I will definitely report back Rackon. I have listened to quite a few speakers in the sub-10k territory at this point and haven’t heard anything that conclusively felt to me like an upgrade over the T2. Given that I got the T2 for $1400 used it’s hard to justify an additional 4 or 5k in outlay when the performance benefits are so negligable. I’ve been operating under the idea that I could gain something in my system from a speaker upgrade, but given my price range (5-7k) im not sure there’s anything out there that is going to make major improvements. Different, yes, but better? I haven’t heard it yet.

I also will happily sacrifice that last bit of detail for a smoother high end - one of the things I love about the T2 is that the highs don’t feel rolled off to me in the slightest and yet are never overly bright. So the T2+ may be the way to go for me. That said it will still likely run me 2k or so on the trade-in and I’m concerned it won’t be that much of a bump up from the T2. So hard to tell these things auditioning speakers in unfamiliar environments. Recently I was prepared to buy a pair of DeVore Nines locally but was on the fence - the owner was kind enough to let me take them home and audition them directly against the T2. And when I did... I was shocked by how much I preferred the T2. It wasn’t even close. And those Nines retailed for over twice the price of the new price of the T2 and many respected reviewers used them as a reference. Goes to show... speakers are a very personal choice and price tags do not tell the tale
Thanks in advance, Dave,

The Twos for $1400 is a steal. I can't think of anything else in that price that would come close. 

If I hadn't heard the T3+ and T2+ I would have been very interested in the Twos. We auditioned a lot of speakers up to 5k,  including some very highly regarded ones we eliminated, which included the LS50 - active and passive (with subs). My previous speakers before I briefly got out of audio were Alon Circes so I much prefer as close to full range as I can get. I loved the Alons but the Tritons are much easier to drive. 

I'm with you: I don't mind if the top end is every so slightly "sweet", as long as it's not dark or rolled off. Can't stand tipped up treble. Especially on large scale orchestral. We heard a lot of speakers that were not good with massed strings, even through expensive front ends and amplification. The 2+ treble was extended but not bright. Smooth is how I would describe it, without loss of musical detail or texture, although like you, if I *had* to sacrifice a little something for a modestly priced, full range speaker that will play large scale music well, I would also give up a little bit of detail. When you're on a tight budget, you have to make some compromises somewhere. It's been 8 years since I had my (much more expensive) Alons , but I didn't feel I was missing anything with the Tritons, and that includes detail..