Upgrade Triton two to Triton two +

Wondering if anyone here has made this move and if so how significant an upgrade it was? I currently have Triton twos but admit the reviews of the two plus have me thinking about moving up. Just don’t know how much value I’d get out of that move. Obviously I need to audition at a dealer but always love to have first hand feedback from Agoners
Anyone? Just not a lot of feedback out there on this question... my dealer only has the T2+ and without the original T2 to reference against... not to mention being in an unfamiliar room with different amplification... I really can't tell much based on audition.
davelarz - did you ask your dealer what he feels the improvements are? You might want to post this question on the forum at the GET website.

I’ve heard the Three, the Three+ and the Two+ - but not the Two. So I can only make an educated guess about the 2+ based on my 3 vs 3+ comparison. And the 3/3+ were close. But the 3+ was better in a couple areas.

The 3 was slightly less open than the 3+, with a hint of extra warmth in the mid- upper bass. (Could be more pronounced in the Two vs Two+ with their bigger sub and bass drivers.) I wouldn’t describe any Triton speaker as "boxy" sounding, quite the opposite. But the 3+ was more transparent and - surprisingly, because coherency was good on all the Tritons I heard - more coherent than its predecessor. I played a CD of Beethoven piano sonatas through each model - the 3+ was clearly smoother with the transitions through the registers, probably due to the new crossovers and dsp processing in the plus series. The way the 3+ handled piano impressed me and led me to audition the 2+.

I"d expect the 2+ to show the same improvements compared to the 2 as its little brother did to the Three: it’ll have everything you like about your Twos but with better clarity, transparency and coherence. Not night and day difference, but audibly more refined. 

Have you considered auditioning the Ones? That might be a bigger bang for buck upgrade. As people move up to the T-Refs there could be some good deals around this year. And as you already know, the creation of the One inspired the improvements and voicing on the Two+.

BTW, we thought the Two+ were terrific speakers and plan on buying a pair, although we could be happy with the Three+.
Thanks so much for the input Rackon. I’ve been getting divided opinions at the Goldenear site, with many saying that they didn’t think going from T2 to T2+ would be that big a jump though a few dissenters on that. Many votes there for going to the T1 - unfortunately I just don’t want those beasts in my small listening room. T2’s big enough as it is for me. My plan is to compare T2+ and T1 at my dealer and see if I think they are as close as many reviews have indicated. If so I will go for it - everyone seems to agree the T1 is quite an upgrade over T2
Dave, FWIW I have Triton 1's for sale in a custom color on USA Audiomart. My son has the 2's and there's no comparison, night and day difference. The 1's are far superior in every way.
Dave, I think you're on the right track. Auditioning the 2+ and One is the way to go. In the final analysis, it's what sounds right to *your* ears with *your* music in *your* room. And if that's your T2s - so be it. They're still darned good speakers.

We didn't spend much time with the T1 at the dealer's - great speaker but out of our budget. But from our brief listen I'd say the 2+ and One share a lot of virtues. The One is more extended and detailed in the treble, more bass slam, and it will play louder in a bigger space (irrelevant for you), but the Two+ is no slouch in the bass department, and there are times where a slightly sweeter top end is very welcome - especially when Opera Beau and I are playing our vintage recordings. We didn't feel like we were taking a big step down when listening to the 2+ after a spell with the T1.

If you're so inclined, please report back after your shoot-out  and let us know your thoughts.