Upgrade tonearm for Lenco L75 turntable jean natais plinth to perhaps a Durand Kairos ?

I am thinking about upgrading the tonearm on my Lenco L75.  I originally had a Rega arm.  I upgraded 4 years ago to an Origin Illustrious MK3 Carbon arm.  System sounds good but cartridge is due to be replaced and so began to think maybe should also upgrade the arm.

I am not mechanically inclined however and the specs on the Durand Kairos arm that I was considering indicate it is 263mm effective length whereas my current arm is 240mm so seems setup would require drilling new holes in the armboard (assuming existing armboard can even accomodate it).  I already have a wooden after market armboard not the original Lenco armboard in a Jean Natais plinth for the L75.

For the Lenco L75 users has anyone tried a Durand arm or any other higher end arm and how hard is it to get a the armboard to accomodate it.

Any other tonearms to consider or should I just leave as is and just replace and upgrade the cartridge?


The mounting specs for the Kairos are here so you can see if it will work for you

The Kairos also needs a blind hole to allow for the full range of VTA adjustment

another alternative is the Talea if you can find one, the base is easier to mount if you are tight on space as it’s on a 210mm offset and has no need for a blind hole

specs for this here

I’d do what folkfreak recommended.  Then measure out the pivot to spindle distance for either the Kairos or the Talea, using of course the spindle of your Lenco for one reference.  See where the pivot point would fall on your arm board. This will tell you whether you have room to mount the Kairos.  Talea should work fine and would be my preference anyway.  But they are no longer made and rather rare to find on the second hand market.
For ease of installation, I’d recommend a Triplanar VII. I use one on my Nantais Ref II Lenco and find it a good match. Effective length is 250mm; pivot-to-spindal is 233.4mm. Being a surface-mount, it requires only three screw holes to affix it to the armboard. You could probably re-use your current armboard if you really wanted--if you don’t mind the holes. And it comes with its own plastic P2S jig (which I have not used, as I have the Unitractor/Unipivot system). I can't say whether it would sound better than your OL arm but it would be more adjustable.

I also use an SME M2-12R but it’s much more difficult to install, requiring an oblong post hole for the SME slide mount. Good 12-in arm on the Lenco, though, especially if you want to use SPUs.