upgrade to SQ D homeline ?

Hi Guys,

I am trying to upgrade my old 100 AMP zinsco electrical panel. Unfortunately, all the electrician I talked to , are not giving in my request of my having a panel with copper bus.

I have been given reasons like meter combo not available ( SQ D QO panels), siemens/murray not available etc.

My panel is outdoors and I am trying to upgrade to 200A service. I will also have four 10 AWG dedicated lines with Oyaide R1 receptables ( all within 10 feet from panel)

Is it OK to with SQ D homeline ? Please help.

My system is midfi
a) Speakers: Focal Electra 1027 BE
b) Amp: CJ classic sixty
c) Pre amp: CJ ET3SE
d) SVS SB-13 ultra
e) Cardas interconnects/speaker cable
f) Power chord: Shunyata
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To completely ignore your question, why do you describe your system as "midfi"?
I have heard few Hifi systems. I hate to say it but they sounded better and were much more expensive.
One of the Electrician is swearing by SQ D Homeline Electrical panel SC2040M200C and saying it is as good for home applications.
Without knowing all of the details, if you are set on Square D,
( I like square D ) go with a NEMA 3R NQ Panelboard. This may be a bit of a stretch for a residential electrician to grasp. You want to insist on QOB ( bolt in breakers, not QO plug ons ) You can spec the interior with copper buss ( CU ). It will cost more than a Home Line load center. I purchase this this type of material on a weekly basis. If you really want to blow his mind, ask him to use "Copper Koat" on all of his connections.
( a real audiophile would insist on an exotic silver paste, but I can not recommend a product that is not UL Listed for that purpose ) The things that you could address are almost endless.
Thanks Mrderrick, it is taking me some time to grasp all the information that you doled out on me.

Do you think homeline panel should be just fine OR should I stick to my original request ( copper bus panel) even if it means keep talking to more electricians?
Btw, I am in no rush and can wait if it makes significant difference.
The Square D Homeline series has aluminum bus and uses cheap branch circuit breakers compared to their QO series.

Square D makes the Homeline series line so they can compete with their residential panel competition.

I personally would not want the aluminum bus.
Example of Square D QO,

Square D QO140M200RB

Plus QO branch circuit breakers.

Your electrician can buy this panel wholesale. But not necessary cheaper than Amazon.com. For warranty purposes have your electrician order the panel and branch circuit breakers from the electrical wholesale warehouse.

Has your electrician said anything about having to install AFCI breakers for the 120V 15 amp and 20 amp lighting and receptacle branch circuits? Is the electrician going to pull an electrical permit?

Example AFCI breaker,

Thanks guys for suggestions. I am convenience to go with copper bus panel only .

I am finding it really hard to find electrician to conform to my request. If anybody knows any electrician in bay Area ( San Jose , CA ) it will be great help.

Beats me why any electrical contractor in your area would not sell to the customer what he wants providing it meets electrical codes for your area. After all the more you spend the more money he makes.

In your case you may have told the electrical contractor you only want to spend a certain amount of money. The Square D Homeline series panel and breakers are around 1/3 less than the price of the QO series.

What ever you decide to go with make sure you have chosen a qualified State licensed electrician. Ask to see his license, he is suppose to carry it with him anytime he is on the job.
Also remember the cheapest price is not always the best price in the long run.

Deadly power inside.
Stick to your guns and don't let an electrician install a Square D Homeline panel. Go with Square D "QO" or my favorite, Cutler Hammer "CH" style panel. The electricians are also going to give you grief about the 10 gauge wire for you dedicated circuits, but demand it. You may have to pay a bit more to find an electrician to do these, but now is the time to get it done :-).
Absolutely not, I have not put any budget to this thing.
I understand QO panel is more expensive ( and breakers etc) and I fine with it.
I found an electrician to work with, installing CMBE4242B200BTS CH type panel this weekend.