Upgrade to Marantz TT15?

I recently purchased a Harmon Kardon t65c turntable in excellent condition off eBay. Now I'm tempted to purchase a Marantz tt15 that I've found for sale for $600.00. Would this be a true upgrade or more of a lateral move? Your opinions are appreciated!
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Yeah I believe the Marantz would be an upgrade, built by Clear Audio for Marantz at a price point but seems to be a very good table, plus everyone that owned them seem to be happy. Had a couple of the HK tables back when and they are good but feel the upgrade would be substantial. Good luck, and enjoy the music
Thanks for the input tooblue.
I picked up my Marantz TT15s1 on Thursday. I had to drive almost 4 hours each way to pick it up, but it was definitely worth the $600.00 I paid for it; with dust cover. There is a certain warm tingly feeling I get inside when I find a good deal. The Clearaudio Virtuoso cartridge is very easy to listen to. This table along with the Harmon Kardon t65c / Denon DL110 have really set the hook for me and Vinyl.