Upgrade to Maggi 3.7i or Tekton Moab?

I’ve got a dilemma. The audiophile bug to continuously tweak and upgrade has got me wanting more and bigger sound out of my system. I’m currently running Maggi 1.7is with a single SVS SB2000pro, driven by Parasound A21+. What I’m finding is in my large room (20x18 with vaulted 18ft ceiling, leading into open kitchen) it just does not deliver the uumph that I am wanting when I want to "feel" the music hit me. I am debating what my next step should be when I am ready to make the jump. Should I go with a bigger Maggi (3.7i) or should I abandon planars and go with the very alive sounding Tekton line. What I have read so far is that the DI and Moab sound very alive. That I think is that sort of thing I feel is a bit thin with my present system. I am expecting to hear (fairly so) that if i want to feel music hit me in that chest, a planar speaker is not for me and I need to go with dynamic driver. That said, I do love the transparency and cohesive sound of the Maggi, so I want it all I guess? =)

Welcoming any advice or food for thought on this.
+1 for Mapman: 

@Trebuchet:  I had a nice pair of Martin Logan Monoliths and even with the cone woofer, I didn’t get that slam I wanted even using class A biased amps.  I would love to have a pair of Maggie’s for a different sound, when desired though.  I don’t think you’ll find a planer speaker to give you the slam you’re wanting and because most planers  are very sensitive to placement, you’ll probably not be able to have the best of both worlds with them  sitting beside one another either.I love the sound of Wilson speakers and think you can find either a nice pair of demos, or a good used pair, way below retail.  With the right amp, you’ll get plenty  of slam.  Keep in mind-in my opinion, there’s nothing better than a high current amp, to give you that quick response and slam, paired with a conventional coned driver.
Also check out Pure Audio Project. Open baffle like a Maggie but with dynamic drivers for the punch. 
I've owned the Tekton Impact Monitors for two years, and have spent an evening with the Moabs. I've also been auditioning the Maggie 1.7is in my home for the past month and a half. The Maggies are an impressive speaker, and I like them very much, but the edge for detail and dynamics goes to the Tektons. The Moabs take things to an even better place. You won't go wrong with the Tektons. 
Big Maggies have plenty of slam, especially the 3-panel models (Tympani's, 30.7), In fact, you haven't heard midbass until you've heard it coming from a big Maggie (or the GR Research/Rythmik OB/Dipole Sub).
I have Double Impacts as well as 3.7i's in a large room. The 3.7i's with subs hit me real good! The Double Impacts are fun, but they don't have the finesse I get from the Maggies.