Upgrade to Maggi 3.7i or Tekton Moab?

I’ve got a dilemma. The audiophile bug to continuously tweak and upgrade has got me wanting more and bigger sound out of my system. I’m currently running Maggi 1.7is with a single SVS SB2000pro, driven by Parasound A21+. What I’m finding is in my large room (20x18 with vaulted 18ft ceiling, leading into open kitchen) it just does not deliver the uumph that I am wanting when I want to "feel" the music hit me. I am debating what my next step should be when I am ready to make the jump. Should I go with a bigger Maggi (3.7i) or should I abandon planars and go with the very alive sounding Tekton line. What I have read so far is that the DI and Moab sound very alive. That I think is that sort of thing I feel is a bit thin with my present system. I am expecting to hear (fairly so) that if i want to feel music hit me in that chest, a planar speaker is not for me and I need to go with dynamic driver. That said, I do love the transparency and cohesive sound of the Maggi, so I want it all I guess? =)

Welcoming any advice or food for thought on this.

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Also check out Pure Audio Project. Open baffle like a Maggie but with dynamic drivers for the punch.