Upgrade to Graham 2.2 ?

Will the Graham 2.2 be a huge improvement over the Rega RB-900? TT is Basis 2001. Rest of system is CJ EV-1 phono stage, CJ 16LS II pre, Plinius SA-102 amp and BW n804 speakers. Would appreciate opinions on the advantages of this upgrade. Thanks in advance..Ed
I think you would get a better sonic improvement for your money by moving up to the Basis 2500 or 2800, and keeping the Rega arm. The RB900 is a very good arm, and although the Graham may be better, you get more improvement by upgrading the TT, than you do by upgrading the arm. The arm can only do what the TT will allow it to do. A 2800 TT will provide a better foundation for the arm to work with, and make a better overall sound with your Rega arm, than a Graham on your 2001 table.
I have a 2500 and a Graham 2.2. I agree with what Twl says to a point. The main advantage the 2500/2800 have over your unit is their suspension. They are much better isolated from vibration. Your unit on a vibraplane(sp?)or some other type of stand that has high isolation characteristics would already be close to the 2500. I have no experience with the 2800 but if your that flush I'd get the top of the line Basis and be done with it.

If you don't have a super TT stand/isolation unit I agree you'd be better off upgrading the TT.
Thanks, Twl. Sounds like good advice. I will look into the budgetary isues of this direction...