Upgrade to floor standing.

Q. went to upgrade the left center right to more dynamics and floor standing configuration...
Movies/music 50/50

*We both have hearing loss , thus the levels usually pretty high..

Budget < $2k

JBL I've always wanted to own...

Hsu 5.1 package w Vtf-15 sub
Denon x3600 avr

I have been very lucky to have picked up a JBL L100T (modified crossover), L80T, and a mint pair of L200T3. I rotate through each pair every so often. They are the bomb for music and movies. The L200T3 is spectacular. Very efficient with tremendous clarity. 
Their easy to find used these days. I’m not sure of their current offerings in the midrange. I picked up a pair of ES-90 for $99 per new. I was not impressed at all. 
If you can find them older used Snell floorstanders are a great way to go. The A,B,C,and D series are well within your budget. I had the C IV and CV for a while and sold them to a friend who still listens to them.

Good luck