Upgrade to a vintage TT?

I currently have a Nottingham Spacedeck, it sounds great for what it does, but I feel it's not quite as rhythmically engaging as other designs out there. I'm starting to consider the concept of older, refurbished/replinthed TT's such as Technics SP-10 or Garrard 301. They're aesthetically beautiful and I've been impressed from limited listening (in completely different systems/rooms then my own). Question is, will I lose more then I gain going to a 301 or SP-10.. are they less refined/nuanced compared to the Spacedeck?

Associated equipment:
Denon 103-uwe / Zyx Airy3 / Clearaudio Virt. Wood
K&K Phono pre
Get an old Sota Sapphire and have it refurbed at the factory.
Dear Queg: Why don't try it with different tonearm or maybe different phono stage, your TT is a decent one and perhaps it is not the " culprit " of what you are perceiving.

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A friend send following link. Check it out. Very interesting.
Hi, You might like both.

A good direct drive will usually give a different presentation, specifically in this PRaT area. I have heard the Technics SP 10 mk II and III. In the right plinth with a good arm this can be a start of the art combo and rivel the best. I have several friends that have sold their belt drives for a Technics.

Raul is a right to, you have a good table. There is nothing wrong with make a arm (or other) change here to.
I am listening to a TD-124 that I rebuilt last week as I type and let me tell you, there's nothing wrong with vintage. It sounds fantastic, and IS quiet. They're more fiddley to get set up, but once you get it, it's there to stay.
It uses a wimpy motor. It is not my preferred way to spin a platter. I firmly believe the motor should control the platter, not the other way around. It's getting absurd to see all these belt-drive turntables' platters getting thicker and thicker and the motor gets smaller and smaller. I guess that's how they can charge you six figures on such silliness. The Nottingham has a decent platter and decent bearing so why don't you get a different stronger motor pod from another manufacturer and compare. I guarantee you if you use a stronger quality motor, you will get your engaging rhythm back. It's all reversible so you are not gutting anything. Give it a try. The cheapest way is to belt drive it with a cheap DD turntable via a dental floss. And if you don't like it, it will only cost you less than $100 and you can always resell it.

I used the Spacedeck for a while in my home before and while it has its sonic merits but it was way too polite sounding for my taste and every time the sound puts me to sleep.