Upgrade to a Bryston BCD-1?

I currently am running a Cambridge Audio 840C with digital out to a Bryston BDA-1. I did this so I could take advantage of the Bryston discrete Class A analog output circuitry vs the OP Amp circuitry in the Cambridge. The sound of this combo has been excellent

I am now getting ready to replace the Cambridge due to operational issues and am considering the BCD-1.

Would there be any advantage of running the digital output of the BCD-1 to the BDA-1? The BDA-1 has dual D/A converters vs the BCD-1 single converter, but running the digital from the BCD-1 to the BDA-1 may create clocking jitter issues. I am also wondering if I could expect any sonic improvements of the all Bryston setup vs the Cambridge/Bryston setup I used before?
BCD-1 is not being made anymore. So if the rather expensive (used) BCD-1 had any issues, you would be SOL.
(Bryston currently has no Cd player)

I just found about the BCD-1 from James Tanner at Bryston. However, they are not abandoning support for prior BCD-1 owners, so they apparently have enough drives for warranty support.

But to your point, what happens after 3 years or so? Bryson is pushing the BDP-1 digital player as a replacement, but this has other issues such as the enormous effort required to convert my current CD collection to digital media. Then, once converted, the hassle of finding a specific album or piece of music from the directory. I am not an Apple customer, so this leaves me with trying to find stuff via that LCD on the front panel (not a viable option IMHO).

There has also been some discussion about compatibility of some USB thumb drives with the BCD-1.