Upgrade time - PSB, Paradigm, Monitor Audio, or . . .

All -

I recently moved into a townhouse that my existing speakers (Linn Helix 2) don't command well.  Understandable, since it's a two story with finished basement, and everything is effectively open to everything.  And, in any event, it's time to move past the Helix's, however much I've enjoyed them (immensely, while recognizing their limitations). 

In looking around, I seem to be landing on the PSB Synchrony 1, the Monitor Audio 300 Gold, and the Paradigm Reference 8.  It seems all 3 would be able to better drive the space and work at least reasonably well with the rest of my system (Exposure 3010S2 CD and pre, 28 power amp).  I recognize the PSB might be a bit of strain on the 28, but if that is the way I go, I don't mind changing to a different amp (3010S2 monos, or whatever). 

Trying to stay around $2k; obviously the Paradigm Ref 8 would be closer to $2.5-3K, and if they're worth it I don't mind going that high.  I'd prefer to stay with a speaker from a company that has been around for a long time and stood the test of time, hence focusing on the above and not including companies like GoldenEar, etc. 

I worked in the industry for a while in the mid to late 90s; and have had Vandersteens, ProAc, etc., so am not new to all the variables. 

Thoughts appreciated!
i have the synchrony, which do need a high current source to drive them, but i think your exposure would do just fine. i'd probably rate the monitor 300 a tad higher (they're also more expensive)--it's bassier and has more oomph--but you'd do well with either. haven't heard the paradigm.
All -

Thanks - I have a pair of MA Gold 300s coming.  Will post impressions if anyone's interested . . .
Sure. I had a pair on MA 352 speakers 35 years ago. Loved them.
the persona b is on sale.