Upgrade time - PREAMP for SS power +CD+cables

Hi People,

My system:
Speakers: Sonus Faber Extrema
PREAMP-Meridian 502
AMP - Meridian 557
CD - Was Arcam alpha8 , Now using my backup:old DVD pionner535 :)
Budget: 2000-2300$ for the PREAMP,800$ for the CD,Speakers Cable ~200$.

I tried several PREAMP and I found I get much better sound with the combination of Tube PREAMP + My 557.
The one I really like was custom made and was not for sale:( , not sure but i think it based on 300b , The bass was really tight and the Image was BIG and deep.
The option is thought about:VAC STANDARD LE , VAC VINTAGE, CJ EV2, VTL super deluxe.
The VAC- Vintage is in a very good price 1000$,I don't know how good is it.
Can you please advice which one from this list are good for me- Please consider that the AMP is SS ,I like tight bass and deepeness in midrange with clear sweet highs.
for the CD I really like the Meridian 588 but it ain't an easy find this days.
Cable - Don't have a clue,Not sure what will be good for me.

Thanks all!
I am partial to Ayre. They don't have either a solid state sound or a tube sound...just the right sound for me. You might be able to find a used Ayre preamp at your budget..you must remember however, that Ayre does best used balanced. Can your amp run balanced? As far as cables...you really should give Anti-Cables a try. They have a return policy are great and are cheap.
First Sound Deluxe MKII.Probably better than the VAC,more resolving and lower noise-floor than the CJ.
Don't lock yourself into preconceived ideas about "tube" and "solidstate" sounds. Talented designers can transcend old stereotypes with either type of circuit. You also need to consider how much preamp gain is appropriate for your amp. Too much preamp gain is a quick path to frustration and unfulfilled system potential. Also, do you need/want remote control?
I'm really hard to believe the VTL dellux is better than VAC,but respect your opinion , I found the VTL is lil "inside" than VAC , also the VAC is more details,
Anyway the seller asks about 1400$ for the VTL which I think it's really too much .


remote is not issue for me.
My opnion is that in the bugget I can get better results with Tube cause the fineset SS PRE are extremly expensive.

Any ideas?maybe manely?
Is there any PREAMP based on 300b that get in the budget?
Is anybody know about any professional person who build preamp handmade?
Anyone can please recommened for a good store in NYC for CDP and Preamp?