upgrade suggestions please

I've really enjoyed my NHT Super Twos for the past 5 yrs., but now looking to upgrade, as other components within my system have also improved, and want to maximize their potential. Here's the criteria: our music room is dedictated, but a bit limited in size. Listening point is approx. 10', speakers toed in slightly. WAF requires that we maintain a small footprint w/ a slender black design sim. to the Super Twos. I would like to continue w/ a full-range tower, as opposed to bookshelf/stands w/ sub. Our budget is probably in the 1500 - 2k used market range. Any and all audition suggestions are most welcome - thank you.
Suggest von Schweikert VR-2's..fits your criteria but has a bottom end.
NHT 2.5i is killer.
The 3.3's are for sale right now as well.
Set up properly (according to the manual) they would both take up about the same amount of space. The 2.5 should be off of the wall by around 14 inches while the 3.3 (a much deeper speaker) should be placed against the wall. Neither of these are the last word in hi-fi, but either would be a step up from the Supper Two (great speaker) while maintaining the same black piano gloss finish and a slim profile.

Good luck!
Audes Blues.
Another vote for the Von Schweikert VR2s. An outstanding dynamic and musical speaker with deep, tight bass.
Go for the Vons. I love my pair but they need a good amount of room behind them to sound their best(dont go off my placement.) i agree with Jgiaclo, they are a very musical speaker.