Upgrade suggestions - from Rotel 1066 receiver

I am not displeased with my Rotel receiver but I'm wondering if there is anything else out there that would be a good upgrade. I do not use the video switching capabilities, just use it for audio in my simple HT system - movies, HDTV. Please see my system for component details.

I need two optical inputs, DTS, Dolby, etc. My DVD player does have DVD-A & SACD capabilities, but I seldom use it for this. Still, the amp needs to have good audio capablities. I would like something with a bit more power per channel (the Rotel sends 75W/channel) for my 5.1 speaker set up.

I only want to spend around $1000, if possible, and used is fine. If there is nothing that beats the Rotel, I'll just stick with the Rotel!

If your budget is $1000, I would stick with the Rotel.
Rotel is a good value. You might experiment with the new all digital receivers from JVC and Panasonic (the top of the line models), in particular if you use digital out on your DVD player. Do some research for yourself first, as Markphd pointed out, your Rotel is strong at that pricepoint.
You guys are right. There really is no justifiable reason to upgrade my Rotel receiver - which I incorrectly posted as a 1066 - it is an RSX1055. :-o

I've been replacing a lot of components in the last month or so and I think my upgraditis spilled over a bit. I'll spend some money on some CDs or records instead. :-D

Good call Holy, I have a Rotel and think it is great for the money, and I dont care what others say.....there are far more costly models wich only boasts fractions of better performance for movies, now music is a whole diffrent animal, if I were to ever upgrade for movies it would more certainly be a Lexicon, if you think the Rotel is versital....just wait till you see how good a Lexicon is, its surround decoding is world class aswell.
Thanks Chadnliz. The Rotel is a keeper, at least until I am willing to spend a lot more money. I'll tweak the system in other ways, I think. I don't need anything more complicated since my HT system is pretty simple. You look at the back panels of some of these receivers/processors and there seem to be hundreds of connections, none of which I would probably ever make use of!


Listen to the other A'Goners here, Keep the Rotel. It's that simple. Otherwise, I would suggest an Arcam 250 or 350, and they cost a hell of a lot more money.

Yep, I'm keeping the Rotel! It does the job for me, and I am having a Sistrum multi-platform made for me with the Rotel as one of the measured components, so it would be foolish to make any changes right now. I don't know what I was thinking!

I am a bit embarassed to write this, but after all of that "Yes I'm going to keep the Rotel receiver," I didn't. (Well, I still have it; anyone want to buy it?!?) I ended up getting a great deal on a Sunfire Ultimate Receiver. It fits just fine on my Sistrum platform and it "shore looks and sounds purty." I spent a lot more $$ than I had planned - I seem to admit that a lot here - but I am very pleased with the results. :-)

I'll have to update my system info and pictures this weekend.

Welcome to the club, it seems in the end if we get an itch only we can scratch it even if others say "dont pick at it" I hear the Sunfire is a fine sounding unit, care to comment on its sound, smoother, better bass, less fatigue....and so on?
If you're happy with the results that's all that counts, unless of course you have to eat dogfood for a month to pay for it. It would not be the first time advice was ignored. We'll get over it.
No, no dog food on the menu right now. :-D

You're right, Chad. Guess I was bound and determined to upgrade.

I need to live with the receiver a bit longer before I can comment on the sound. All I can say right now that it sounded immediately better - very descriptive, huh?!? - but whether or not that's because it has to be because I spent all that money, I can't yet say! The Sunfire certainly has more power (200 W/channel as opposed to 75 W/channel) and the sound seems fuller, richer...

that is a good step up in head room so it should serve you well, congrars on your upgrade!