Upgrade Suggestions from Classe CA-200 w/Mirage OMD 28's

Hello what amp upgrade suggestions do you have for the following setup:
Mirage OMD 28 speakers
NBS Omega IV cabling
Classe CA-200 Power Amp w/upgraded fuse
Wyred DAC1 w/upgraded fuse
Audio Research LS16 w/upgraded fuse

I love the sound of this system but I’m getting the upgrade itch. Thanks.
Ended up going with Krell KAV2250 which is singing great, especially after upgrading the fuses on it.
Upgrade has to fit on a lovan rack.

They does need the juice.  I'm thinking Krell KAV2250 but I've had reliability issues with other Krell components.  I do not have the space for monoblocks :(  Any other suggestions>
What ever AMP you choose it better be a beast! These speakers want power to open up. I am sure you could drive these with a nice big set of mono blocks or a sweet sounding stereo amp, solid state of course. I would look at a McIntosh amp, a MC452 to be exact. Tube amps might not like 87db sensitivity, id stay away.

Matt M