Upgrade Suggestions from Classe CA-200 w/Mirage OMD 28's

Hello what amp upgrade suggestions do you have for the following setup:
Mirage OMD 28 speakers
NBS Omega IV cabling
Classe CA-200 Power Amp w/upgraded fuse
Wyred DAC1 w/upgraded fuse
Audio Research LS16 w/upgraded fuse

I love the sound of this system but I’m getting the upgrade itch. Thanks.
What ever AMP you choose it better be a beast! These speakers want power to open up. I am sure you could drive these with a nice big set of mono blocks or a sweet sounding stereo amp, solid state of course. I would look at a McIntosh amp, a MC452 to be exact. Tube amps might not like 87db sensitivity, id stay away.

Matt M
They does need the juice.  I'm thinking Krell KAV2250 but I've had reliability issues with other Krell components.  I do not have the space for monoblocks :(  Any other suggestions>
Ended up going with Krell KAV2250 which is singing great, especially after upgrading the fuses on it.