Upgrade speakers or front end??

Need some advice on next upgrade.
I have Martin Logan Ascents powered by a Mark Levinson 383 integrated. Source is a Mark Levinson 39 cd player/processor, and I also have a Martin Logan Depth running off the speaker terminals on the amp (since it does not have a pre-out). It all sounds good, but I know it can sound better. I’ve got the urge to upgrade and solicit advice.
Had been thinking about upgrading the speakers to B&W 802, Revel Studio (the old version), or something along those lines. I really like the Ascents though, and it would be happy to keep them if an upgrade on the front end would give me a worthwhile improvement in overall sound quality. They are around 6 years old and I might replace the stators soon too. Am also thinking of having some granite slabs cut for the speakers to sit on (my system is available for viewing with photos on the virtual systems page).
The system as it stands now has pretty good soundstage width, and with the right recordings it is wider than the speakers. The subwoofer gives me pretty good dynamic “oomph” on base drums and well recorded bass lines (older recordings sound kinda muddy). The soundstage height is pretty good as well.
I might have a deal on a partial trade plus cash for the 383 integrated on a Levinson 380s preamp and 336 amp—do you think this would bring a significant improvement?


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Mitch your system looks pretty good. If you like the ML's you might consider moving up the ML line, It is hard to explain but once you have planar type speakers it is hard to go back to boxes and cones. with better ML's you would not need the sub.
Your front end is pretty high end so I would vote for speaker upgrade.
It look likes you need room treatments more than components upgrade and I would customize a wooden cover for the Screen. Cheers.