Upgrade speaker or analog source?

I need help on deciding which part I should upgrade.
My setup is
Rega P3 with Denon DL110
CJ Pv-10B w/phono
CJ Premier 11A
Proac Response 1SC

Which part do you think I should upgrade to have the biggest impact on sound quality (mosly used to listen to jazz/vocal).

My budget is 1500-2000.
Right now I'm thinking to upgrade to either Michell gyrodec (I have rb300 with incognito wiring) or proac 2.5.

Or another option is upgrade denon 110 and phono amps/preamp

What do you guys think?


What do you think the weaknesses of your system are? I can't help you too much on the speaker side since I am not familiar with the proac. As for analog:

The Denon it a fairly good cartridge (at least on a friend's turntable) and works pretty well with the P3. Also, I assume the phonostage in CJ should be pretty good. If you do want to upgrade on the TT side, I would upgrade to a Gyro, a Teres, or similar first. Then I would change the cartridge. E.g a Denon DL103R with a step up might work well if you like the Denon sound.

I can give you some thoughts on the P3 and Michell Tecno (sorry never heard the Gyro). I have owned over the past years:

Rega Planar 3 + RB300 + Elys, Creek OBH 8
Rega Planar 3 + RB300 + Denon DL103, Trichord Dino
Tecnodec + RB 600 + Kontrapunkt A/Denon DL103R, Trichord Dino

While the Rega P3 (older version) was a very musical player (in particular with the Denon), the Tecno was a clear step up from the Rega in almost every aspect: blacker backgrounds, more detailed with more extended and smoother highs and a very fast tight sound. On some recording the Tecno might be a little on the dry side, but that is probably more due my Trichord phono stage. Only in the bass I feel both the Rega and the Tecno could go a little deeper and sound a little fuller. The Gyro should be a step up in that direction.

I would love to listen to a Teres or a VPI table someday, but did not have a chance so far. Also a restored Garrard idler wheel table might be interesting.

Good luck!

Thanks Rene for the response.

Right now I'm a little bit leaning to upgrad my proac, I need mo "ommph" and punch on the low freq/midbass. Is proac 2.5 will solve this problem and still have the same mid and high with 1SC?

I actually like the midrange and the high on my system now. But sometimes the soundstage is little bit lacking. And the low freq is just not there. Yes P3 and denon have a little high background sound, if you get really closer to the speaker, you can hear background sound quite loud. Can this be solved by upgrading the table? What difference will I hear if I upgrade to Gyrodec? I know this question is a little difficult to answer, but I just need the typical improvement when you upgrade TT.


upgrade turntable for sure...the other stuff is the stuff of legend
your upstream is fine except the cartridge, upgrade the speakers. i can't recommend any monitors in your budget because i only have exp with floorstanders. however, i'd want to try silverline sr-17 or totem mani-2 in your situation.

if you must get a new tt, i've heard good things about linn lp12.