Upgrade Source?

My system consiosts of Harbeth Super HL5 speakers, Pathos MKII Classic integrated and denon DVD 291o for source. With both the speakers and the integrated I noticed huge improvement( from Klipsch Heresy and Creek 5350Se). Now I am thinking about source upgrade and wondering if I will see the same noticeable improvement.

I would like a player for both SACD and Redbook but don't care to connect to my video. I have read about Ayre C5xe, Cary 306 SACD, and some modded Denon players. I am fairly new to the audiophile thing and would appreciate your advice.
Modwright Sony 999, or 9000 (if you don't mind not playing CD-r/rw), each with full mods go for around $1600-2k used. Highly recommended. Dan's Sony 9100 would also be worth considering, if budget is not of concern, as would APL Denon 3910.

The Exemplar Denon 3910 as far as modded players go. Have seen them used for $3k. Sacd/DVD-A and Redbook and video too. Worth it at $5k, brand spanking new, as well.

warren :)
I agree with Jax2's suggestions.

I have owned a Modwright Sony 999ES, Exemplar Denon 3910 and APL Denon 3910. The Modwright is wonderfully musical and perhaps a tad romantic. The Exemplar is incisive, accurate and a labor of love. The APL Denon 3910 makes live music come to life in your listening room. I have heard nothing better including a few digital players that retail for $10,000+.

Depending on your taste and system tonality, they are all worthy of consideration. If money is no object, I rank them 1) APL Denon 3910, 2) Modwright Sony 999ES, 3)Exemplar Denon 3910.

If money is an object, I recommend the Modwright Sony 999ES. I have heard nothing that I prefer within $3000 of it's $1600 price on the used market.
Buy either if they come with a 30 day MBG. That way you can audition them in your system and decide if they suit your preferences.
There is an Exemplar 3910 for sale on the 'gon for a drop dead great price. I purchased mine from Ric last year. He is an authorized Exemplar dealer. Honest and very fair prices.
Thanks Warrenh,
I saw an EVS 3910 but not an Exemplar 3910. Are they the same or am I missing it?
Actually the Exemplar Denon 3910 1snot listed, but it is listed under an Exemplar preamp classified that Ric is selling. Go to tube pre amps classified and you'll find it. It's the best price you'll ever see one of these on the 'gon for almost brand spanking new. Modded up the ying yang and Ric's personal demo. Give him a call. He did right by me...
I now have the Denon 5910 and Dbld is correct. Spectacular to say the least. The 10k one box player I had in my system was great in its own right but not spectacular. My expectations have been surpassed by a mile.