Upgrade Sony SCD-55es VSE level 5 to Ayre ??

Hi all Happy New Year,

Well just breakin' in my new Ayre K1-xe pre - love it so far. My question is there has been alot of talk on this forum about modded players. Well I have the VSE mods on my Sony SCD55-es balanced version and love it. But would an Ayre cd player either CX-7E or the C-5e be a worthy upgrade or not???

Your input would be appreciated,

System: SME Model 20A/Lyra helikon
Ayre K1-xe phono pre
ATC active 20 towers
Sony SCD-555es VSE level 5 mods

Rgds Jonathan.

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I own the K1xe, C5xe and just sold the Sony XA777es after enjoying it for 2 years. I have no knowledge of the quality of the third party mods for the Sony CD players, but I can tell you I have never heard a stereo better then mine with the addition of the C5xe. Its got base and trebble that didn't exist with the Sony. The layers of pure musical delight make listening as close to live as I've ever heard. My amp is a Krell FPB300cx which can probably be bettered by several brands and Revel Ultra Studios.

By the way I auditioned the C7x and it was only slightly better then the stock Sony 777.