Upgrade?Sim w5 Merlin vsm Ear 834 Clearaudio grado

Have been running Merlin vsm with home made pass a40 amp, until recently when I purchased sim audio w-5. The sim was defenitely an improvement over the a40 which was also an excellent amp. Preamp that I am using is a Woo audio made locally it's tubed and a very simple design with only a volume control and two inputs. My turntable is clearaudio emotion, grado cartridge and the phono is ear 834 deluxe. Cd player is the sony dvp 9000. The interconnects are made by moi using electrical wire-12 and 14 gauge twisted and soldered to rca's male plugs. Speaker wire is no name brand but heavy gauge and pure copper. Occasionally I use an onkyo P304 preamp which is pretty good for what it sold for. What if I may ask should be my next move???? The sound is phenomenol at this point though I want to upgrade even more so. I am sure the merlins and sim are the major forces of my system but the woo preamp too is holding up so well I would say it's right up there. I believe the tt as good as it is needs to be upgraded and the cartridge too. Any suggestions???
I'm confused...what exactly are you asking? Are you looking for TT and cartridge recommendations? A preamp? What's your budget? What do you think is missing from your system in terms of sound?

First I would ditch the speakers, then I would...

Nah, just joking. I also had the Sim Audio W5 with the VSM-M and decided that they really did not require the current of that great amp. I sold it, and now, perhaps, what I would do if I were in your shoes is give Bobby a call to discuss a fantastic integrated amp (the ARS Sonum Filarmonia). In selling your preamp and amp, you will have money left over and most likely have a better sounding system.
I will soon be receiving this integrated amp. I have heard it at Bobby's shop hooked up to a pair of VSM-MX.

Mimberman, I am looking for suggestions from more experienced goners, my feelings are that I would do best if I upgraded my turntable and cartridge. I think the soumd I am getting is quite good but I think there could be more micro-detail coming from the cartridge tt combo.
I think the information which you are looking for in order to make an informed decision can be found on the Origin Live web site;

System philosophy and uprading brochure
I (thread starter) discovered how important the phono stage is;~). I went for ear which is great but will soon be upgrading to something more expensive. This component (phono stage) is so important.........
Years later I have moved on to JLTI phono and Audio Experience a2se preamp. Sounds great.