Upgrade Rel speakon cable

After a couple of years of not having a sub I just added a Rel Strata III to my system..I cant remember what I bought as a replacement to the stock cable back then..Any suggestions under $200 new or used..thanks, In advance
There is a good one being sold on here for $100. I have one for both of my Stadium subs. I will look up his add and post it.

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Rel Custom high level Neutrik subwoofer cable
Asking $98.00
New Retail -
Condition 10/10
Days/Views 29 / 727
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Ship from 5.0 lbs from 48322
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About Seller Zikhmark (827)
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REL cable

Description (Rel Custom high level Neutrik)
Audiophile quality REL Neutrik Speakon subwoofer cable,designed for upgrade High Level input REL subwoofers.Great improvement over cheap stock cable-bass fuller,deeper and more tight.Tri-braid field geometry,teflon insulation,Vampire spades.Price for 8 ft length.Longer or shorter lenghts,XLR plug(some older REL models have XLR input),bananas and custom orders available by request.15 days trial period(minus freight/paypal fees).Shipping included in USA.Thanks for looking.
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I have Zikhmark's upgraded REL cable on my R505, and find it way superior to the stock cable. You will immediately hear deeper, tighter bass, and it gets better as the cable breaks in. No brainer at the price. I have no connection to that seller, just a customer who likes the cable FWIW.
Cardas makes one as well. Pretty good & under your budget brand new.
Do a Google search & you should find the details.
The Synergistic Research Tesla REL Spec series hi-level cables are an incredible upgrade for any REL. More expensive than the others but definitely worth it.