Upgrade Rega RB700 tonearm for lenco idler wheel?

I need to replace the tonearm wire that came with the the rega rb700 that I bought used for my idler wheel lenco l-75 with a jean natais plinith. The wire broke somehow

The question is should I upgrade the tonearm wire or replace the tonearm completely?

I cannot do the rewire myself and a local store wants $400 for the labor and cardas wire. Seems high is it?

Alternatively, I could replace it with a tonearm that fits a rega mount.

Any help would be appreciated.

Yes a graham b-44 would be great but real pricey even used.

The table sounded great before the wire problem developed but if have to change the wire I figure at least upgrade the wire that comes with the rega arm right?

Any advice or suggestions appreciated
Discovery does it for $250 shipped, I just had my Rega 300 done by Joe..........1 day turn around too! I love how it turned out, if you do go to Joe which I highly recomend then please tell him Chad sent you (its nice to give good reference)
Discovery cables.
Brit Audio does the Incognito rewire, (which is Cardas based) for $239 plus $79 installation. Return shipping is included in the price.
Jean rewired my RB300 with solid core wire Petra wire, sounds great.