Upgrade recommendation. Richard Gray or Mcintosh.

Hi.. What should I upgrade first to get the biggest sonic improvement. I am considering upgrading my power conditioner from monster hts2000 to Richard Gray 1200 OR upgrade my Onkyo 919 (pre-amp)to the Mcintosh C42 pre-amp. your advice are greatly appreciated!

My current set up are:

B&W Nautilus 803
Mcintosh MC 352 - GREAT AMP
Rega planet 2000
MIT cables (shortgun through out)
I'd spend my money on the MC42 unless you have power problems the Monster causes or can't cure. After you get the new pre-amp you can check your power situation again.
Upgrade the preamp, no question. Unless your Monster is malfunctioning (and then I'd just unplug it), you're talking about a couple of levels upgrade on a component that every signal in your system runs through and which is most likely to interact even better with your amplifier than what you've got; while power conditioners/regenerators do make audible differences in a system, I have never heard one that would make a difference as big as what you're describing with respect to the preamp upgrade.
Preamp - but consider the C2200 over the C42. Skip
You will be impressed with the 42.Do you have the 352 plugged directly into the wall?
I agree with the pre-amp recommendations but I would also recommend considering the RGPC 400. At a considerably lower price you can buy them one at a time and see what you need to fix your power problems. I personally don't care for the Monster products (series filtration vs parallel with the RGPC). I saw a significant improvement with the RGPC products. My amps seemed much more dynamic and the bass was tighter. Of course I live in a townhouse with only a single branch circuit for my system, your situation may not be a limiting as mine.

Good Luck,

Go with a better preamp. The Gray may be an improvement, but not like what a good preamp will give you in terms of music.

Upgrading the conditioner won't make the Onkyo ne more musical.
If you can afford the C2200 get it over the C42. I own both. The power upgrade needs to be next with the Exact power combo over the Richard Gray. It will really bring things together.
Thanks for the responses. Seems like the pre-amp will be my next upgrade. I did consider the 2200 but it is a bit over my budget. Onemug, I do have my Amp plugged directly into the wall. It was recommended by Richard Gray Tech support. At first, I was kind of hesitated but when I confirmed with Mcintosh that it will not hurt my amp, I have my MC352 plugged directly into the wall since then. the sounds is a little more dynamic and the bass has a little more control. However, the dedicated outlet for my MC352 is 15Amp. With 350w/channel, 20amp outlet would be preferred.