Upgrade/recap of NAD 1300 worth trouble?

I operate a few classic systems from the '70's and '80's out of purely ergonomic familiarity and for nostalgic enjoyment. I also own three modern systems so this is not a question of replacing anything. I've had my '70's Tandberg and Kenwood pieces recapped with positive results and am now looking at my '80's gear.

Specifically, have any of you had your 1300 modified or upgraded? I have a Monitor Series system that I still enjoy, but knowing the budget-constrained construction of these units, can not decide on refurbing with upgraded parts (or who to do it) or just allowing it to slowly decline. Primary reason for question is that I have upgraded the amplifier of this system to a 218 and have been refurbing my classic '80's speakers.

Experienced advice only please, and thanks in advance.
Only fix if broken. heating up the3 parts to desolder them only damages other parts, then more problems are created. They are all created connected, so solder and the trace heat other parts up, changing the values, and possibly delaminating the traces...ruins the day. I have seen more than 1 day ruined trying to upgrade parts on a board. Beware....Jallen