Upgrade Rec $7K-$12K Range w/ Duos and Audiopax

At the risk of asking for a comparison of apples and grapefruits...

Am upgrading a Consonance Droplet 5.0 CDP (which I have really liked) for use in a system that includes Avantgarde Duo/Tron Syren/Audiopax 88s. Open to a very highly resolving presentation -- if it is a good complement to the tube/horn components it will be mated with -- although this would be a departure from what i am used to. SACD is not a necessity. Have bought into separates argument, but not wedded to it.

Short list now includes:

Esoteric X-01
Audio Aero Capitole
Accustic Arts Drive/DAC
Emm Labs DCC2/CDSD (SE?)

Any guidance on a good match would be most appreciated.
I heard the new Ayre universal player in my system and really liked it..... Much better than anything else I have heard so far. Then again I really haven't heard too many of the "SOTA" Cd players so....

Listen to a Meridian 808. We comparred it to a Esoteric X-01, and the Meridian was so much better.
Consider the Reimyo CD player. I've seen several on Audiogon for very good prices. I liked it better than Esoteric, Levinson, Audio Aero. I haven't heard the Accustic Arts, EMM, or Meridian. I also own the Duos and like the Duo/Reimyo combo very much. Good luck.
I am building a very similar system but with Audiopax 5c pre.

My choice is the EMM Labs after hearing what it could do at a high end show. Played with a cheap CD transport it was clear and detailed and seem to gel with the Audiopax 55s they were using into Ref150s

The Duo upgrade to Omega may be my first choice though!
Chfs911 is right - I'd do the Omega upgrade before getting a new CD player! I have about 6 months on my upgrade now and am ecstatic.