Upgrade rack before Vibration Control?

I am using a salamander twin 20 rack, and have a universal player and DAC that could benefit from vibration isolation. I could upgrade my rack (only candidate is steve blinn design) and then start playing with aurios, stillpoints, symposium platforms and the like. My question is would this be worth the expense? Would the salamder rack work just as well after I applied the vibrisolation control that works best for me, or would there be any sonic benefits to getting the more sturdy and spiked steve blinn rack first?
You may want to try a product which we make called the Wave Kinetics A10-U8. I have compared them to extremely expensive rack systems and have found them to alleviate the need to use them any more. You can use these with ordinary furniture and recieve better results.

If you look under my "for sale" items, you can see one of the systems I am talking about that these have replaced. At the California Audio Show we used these under all of the components on a $20 rack we bough at home depot. You can see it in the picture provided in the link below:


The sound was terrific.

Good luck!

Jonathan Tinn
Wave Kinetics
I think the salamander is definatly upgradable first.I really dont think a 20 dollar rack would do your gear any favors.Build from ground up man.
I recently upgraded my rack to one of Steve Blinn's. It does an excellent job reducing mechanical-borne vibrations. I do use other vibration control products in combination with it, but in my case it's probably overkill. If I were you, I'd get the rack first.
Another vote for racks first and add what works best for you.
I think the rack should be THE vibration control/isolation product.

Thanks everyone. I just ordered a Steve Blinn rack. I'll also try a Silent Running Audio VR platform for my universal player - if it works I'll get a few more for DAC / amps. Hope this will get me audible improvement over my salamander rack - otherwise this will turn out to be a big waste of money. We'll see.