Upgrade Questions

Seeking to upgrade older consumer system (onkyo tx-840 and boston acoutic a-60's). I might add because I live in a condo with two common walls and common floor (my floor/neighbor's ceiling) that floorstanding and subwoofers are out of the queston therefore I'm limited to bookshelf speakers on stands. Listen to several speakers in the $500-600 a pair range and the ones that I seem to like best are the B&W DM602 v3. I'm also thinking at some point (because of budget issues this a two-step operation) that I'll replace the Onkyo receiver with an integrated amp. Heard a Jolida with NHT speakers a while back and was taken with the sound of tube equipment. Of course, my budget will still be limited ($600-700) so from reading various reviews if I wanted to get into tubes at that price, I would probably be looking at one of the Jolida Hybrid Integrated Amps. From what I've read, the Jolida 1501 sounds like it might be a good deal. Anyway, here's the questions.

1. Would the Jolida 1501 match well with the B&W 602's? If not what would be some good integrated amp matches (doesn't necessarily have to tube or tube/hybrid).

2. Based on the equipment I got (Onyko TX-840, 60 watts RMS and Boston Acoustic A-60's), what would you replace first, receivers or speakers. Both are in good working order and will be bases of a second system in my guest bedroom. I guess what I'm really wondering about will the Onkyo have enough power to drive the B&W's?

3. Also, a "dark horse" speaker enters the picture. A good friend of mine who's taste in music I trust (Been to many concerts with (Allmans, Little Feat, Sonny Landreth, Derek Trucks, ect) suggested that I might like the Cambridge Soundworks Newton series M-80 bookshelf speakers. Reading some reviews in audioreviews.com the majority of the people there seem to like them especially for the price ($499 a pair new, $350 for "B" stock). Of course, they're are no Cambridge dealers in my area but they do seem to have a good policy about auditioning their speakers (mail order, they pay for intial shipping, and you get a 45-day testing period). Anyway, was wondering if any of you had actually heard these speakers and could comment on them. Please keep in mind, the various factors (budget, amp/speakers synergy, need for "just" bookshelf speakers)that are involved in my modest upgrade.

Other useful info:

22 x 18 foot listening area, 15 foot cathedral ceiling (dropping to 8 foot at other end). Wall to wall carpeting. Standard living room furniture.

Listening likes: Blues, Classic Rock, Americana and Bluegrass. Most listening done at low to moderate level (Volume control on receiver rarely goes above the 9 or 10 o'clock position). Listening done on a Onkyo DX-C540 CD changer (yes, I know it's a changer, but for my listening habits a changer works best).

Thanks for any help and suggestions you can give me.
Welcome to audio nuerosis 101. Not quite sure if the total budget is $600-700 or the first step budget is that amount. The B&Ws would be driven fine by the Onkyo Receiver given you are not wanting ear splitting levels. But you are really going alot of different directions with you thoughts on choices. If you like the tube sound and want to explore that route, the B&Ws would be ok but you would probably be better off with a more tube friendly speaker such as the Triangle Titus. I would find the ES model which sounds good with tube or SS. The older Titus needs to stay with tubes. IMO you need to stay away from "dark horses". There is a difference in friends musical tastes and their knowledge of music reproduction.

Thank you for your thoughts, as for the budget first step is $600-700 for speakers, and then down the road another $600-700 for an integrated amplifier, plus another $250-300 for upgraded speaker stands, IC/speaker cables, ect. Basically trying to keep everything under $1500. More and more I'm thinking of staying away from the "dark horses" and staying with equipment that I can actually check out locally (I live in the northern Va/DC area so I should have a lot of options in that department). Definitely, I'll look into the Triangle Titus (hopefully, somebody locally carries them). Anyway, thank you for your suggestions. btw, I'm in no rush, and I definely be taking my time to find what I want and what suits my needs and wants. Might not have a lot of money to put into this, but I think if I take my time and do a lot of listening I find something that suits me. btw, do appreciate people like you giving me some good suggestions. You and yours take care.
there is atotem speker in the $500 range you might want to listen to. i don't remember the name. its a relatively small book shelf speaker.

what about a magnepan. you will lose some bass, but get a boxless, very coherent sound.
Thanks for "heads up" on the Totems. Just emailed them and hopefully, they'll have a dealer somewhere in the area where I can audition them.

btw, appreciate people making suggestions for speakers but one thing to remember in making speaker suggestions, is to remember the "availability factor". If I can't find a local dealer (northern Virginia/metro DC) then that particular speaker probability won't get auditioned. Also, remember, I'm looking for a "larger" bookshelf that does have decent bass response has I don't really have the option of adding a subwoofer.

Again, thanks for the advice.
My Von Schweikert VR-1s are great at low levels, have bass that goes down into the 40's, and plenty of people run them with tubes. I use them with a tube preamp and Class A SS amp with only 25 watts. They need good stands, but you've budgeted enough for that. There's a pair for sale right now with the stands (no relation to seller).

I went and read your other thread about diminishing returns, and there you sounded pretty happy with your current rig. What changed your mind?

"What changed your mind?"

Who says that mind was changed? If you go back to the "diminishing returns" thread, I think I was pretty clear about doing an "modest upgrade". I also think that spending around $1200 -1500 on speakers and integrated amp is in no way, shape or form going to get me into the realm of buying equipment with "diminishing returns".

Now, am I unhappy with my current rig? No, I'm not, but I also realize that it's about 20 years old, and that I'm in my mid-50's and that if I'm going to do any kind of an audio upgrade that this seems like a good time to do so. As it is, for the amount of money I'm putting into this upgrade, I'll only be "stepping up" maybe a notch or two, but I think it's worth it.

Anyway, thanks for the "heads up" on the VR-1's, I'll check it out.