Upgrade question. Rega RP3 or RP6.


I am ready to upgrade my set up.
I am debating between a Rega RP3 and RP6 with the stock Rega cartridges. I listen to a variety of music with a large portion of my collection being punk rock. The one thing my current set up is lacking on is bass.

*Will I hear a huge difference in sound quality with one of theses over my current turntable?

*What is your opinion on RP3 with upgrades VS stock RP6?

*Will I notice a huge difference between a stock RP3 & RP6 on my current 2 channel receiver/speaker set up?

*Will a pre-amp sound better over the phono input on my receiver?

*Can anyone recommend a shop in the Los Angles area that demos Rega?

Thank you for any input you can provide on my questions.
Punk rock has lack of bass recorded. To increase bass you'll need EQ or tone controls.
Entry level Regas in general have poor bass as well.
KAB modded Technics 1200 MK 5 will humiliate most of Regas and not only with bass.
Not every phono preamp will best out built-in stage. The built-in stages presumed to be in synergy with preamp stage.
Brooks Berdan in Monrovia usually has both those models in stock and those folks are always lovely to deal with. Also Acoustic Image in studio city is a Rega dealer (with an amazing listening studio) and Elliot is a class act who specializes in turntable setup. Either of them will take care of you.

Personally, I own the RP6 with a sumiko blackbird cart. Most Rega dealers are really down on Rega's stock carts so you'll likely hear that from them. My friend bought the RP3 but our systems are so different in all other respects I couldn't really tell you the difference in sound. The RP6 I think has a different platter and also includes the outboard power supply (but you can upgrade the RP3 later to the same).

Either one is a lovely turntable that basically requires very little if no effort to operate once you have everything setup. A lot of people are down on Rega turntables because of that but I'm in the set it and forget it camp.
Looking at your system, the little Pioneer speakers, (which, btw, are very nice) only have a 4 inch driver, so the low bass just isn't going to be there.

Adding a subwoofer would solve this.

Either of the Regas will be a major step up from the Sony you have now. If you can afford the RP6, it is an improvement over the RP3.
RP6 with Groovetracer ref sub platter. If not, the RP3 with the Groovetracer ref subplatter will be close...
Get a Rega 3 w/Dyna 10 x 5 and close the book for a while. By the way, I've owned Linns, Nottinghams, Regas and the fabled Tech 1200, modded version. The Tech is cool only because it's iconic. I found it does not play music.
You have tiny speakers. How much bass do you expect? I think you should add a sub and you'll be much happier.
Thank you for the great reply's.
I am set on a Rega for sure I love the aesthetics and I am all about Set and forget.

Tortilladc, Awesome. I am in the west San Fernando valley I will definitely make a trip to Acoustic image.

Right now I am leaning towards the RP6 because it comes with the power supply, aluminium sub platter, and exact 2.
I will try to head out for a demo tomorrow and report back.

I am keeping my eyes peeled for a used model in case anyone knows of one.
If you're going to visit Acoustic Image, call/email first. It's out of his home so not suitable for drop-ins.

Also I should note my friend who bought the RP3 listens almost exclusively to punk, metal (primarily death metal), and some shoegaze. he loves the RP3 and plays it through Wharfedales.

best of luck!
Here are my two cents:

First, I own a fully modified RP3 comparable to an RP8 and I couldn't be any happier! Gone is my late and rather expensive Linn Sondek LP12/Ekos/Lingo set-up and I don't miss it at all.

Plinth, 24V motor, and double brace tech from the original RP3 (everything else is gone)
Groovetracer Reference Sub-Platter
Groovetracer Delrin Platter
Groovetracer 130 gms Counterweight
Rega RB808 Tonearm
Dayton Audio threaded/adjustable brass cone footers
Edwards Audio Little Belter
Lyra Delos/DV P-75/Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum/GoldenEar Trito 7

Second, hands down, the RP6 is a better table than the RP3. However, if you plan to upgrade in the future, then the RP3 would be a better option. After all, both share the same design (plinth, double brace tech, arm, belt, motor, pulley, feet, etc.) with slightly different platter and sub-platter. Don't be fooled by the sub-platter because it's exactly the same plastic design with an aluminum top that snaps on to accommodate for the two piece glued glass platter. The most significant improvement is definitely the addition of the TT-PSU.

Finally, the weakest link will be the cart. Save the money and shop for a better cart!

An SE RB40 is currently selling in Agon for 1,200.00. Basically an upgraded RP3 that includes the outstanding TT-PSU.

Good luck and happy listening!
There's a lot of good advice here. I'll add my 2 cents from personal experience regarding the cartridge. If you choose the RP-3, upgrade the Rega Elys cart since it has a lot of detail in the highs and can sound sibilant in some systems. You don't need extended highs when playing punk.

I also agree to eventually add a subwoofer. Music will then sound much more balanced in your room.
Forgot to add, get a sub or trade current speakers for full range speakers.
Dali Zensor 7 speakers are hard to beat when it comes to price/performance ratio.
Even though I have Michell/Technoarm/Shelter501, I'd still prefer Technics 1200/SME3009/Shure M91x for most of punk rock.
$.02 from huge punk rock and post-punk fan.
Hi kiko65
I looked at that RP 40, it's a good deal but I'm not into the union jack 40's on the plinth and power supply. what do you think of these for full range speakers?
.....And thanks for pointing out that the sub-platter on the RP6 is not actually all aluminium I was fooled.
If you are thinking of upgrading speakers, first decide on a budget. Then you'll get a lot of advice from fellow members.

Plus, speakers should be auditioned before purchasing. See if there is a Best Buy with a "Magnolia" room near you or a local HiFi shop.
I think these are stickers you can remove, ask the seller. You will be hard pressed to find a better TT/Toneram/PSU/Cart combo at this price. Who knows, you may even get the price down to around $1,000.00 flat including s/h. Not to mention the fact that its an extremely limited edition of only 300 units allocated to the USA.

I agree with Lowrider57, decide on a budget and then audition before purchasing. I have never audutioned the Pioneers so I cannot comment.

A few speakers that come to mind in the $200.00 range:
Infinity Primus P363
Sony Core
Cambridge Audio S70

Look for Polk Audio, Klipsch, Aperion, Paradigm if your budget is a little higher.

All in all, audition before you buy!
I have a used Rega RP-6 in red, no cartridge , going up for sale shortly. It is in like new condition. Selling do to upgrade.
The RP3 and RP6 plinths are totally different. The RP6 is made from medium-density fiberboard as opposed to the coarser particle board used for the RP3. The finishes, obviously, are worlds apart. The braces are different: the top brace is a sandwich of aluminum and plastic on the RP6; not so on the RP3. The RP6 has dustcover hinges secured with screws that are an inch and a half long and heavier-gauge than the half-inch screws used on the RP3.

I have been modifying a Rega turntable (Planar 3) for the past three years or so, piece by piece. The last change was from an RP3 plinth to an RP6: I did this completely for cosmetic reasons. But damned if I didn't hear clearer, better-defined sound with the RP6 plinth. I dunno.

But the differences above are real.
I contacted Elliott at acoustic image but he does not have a rp3 or rp6 for demo.

Hi Mr_m,
Thanks for the offer but I'm looking at getting a white or titanium.
I found a stereo shop 5 minutes from my house that carries Rega they had a RP1 and a RP10 on display it was nice to see a Rega in the flesh after reading so much about them. The guys at the shop were really cool and knowledgeable. Unless I find a killer used table I'm definitely going to be buying from them.
Not a rega fan. To me their tables are WAAAAAAY over rated. I prefer the Pro-Ject in sub 2K tables
Hi Vernneal,
Which Pro-ject model in the $2000ish price range? I would be more then happy to research your recommendation. -Greg
Pro-ject over Rega? Name one Pro-ject TT you will recommend over the RP6 under $1500.00 Vernneal?

I can name you a few TTs I would not hesitate to buy over Pro-ject at $1500.00:
Clearaudio Concept
VPI Traveler
Rega RP6
Sota Satellite
A Rega is a great choice for a starter table. Set it and forget it. I would start at nothing lower than the RP3 with TTPSU.