Upgrade question

I purchased a Denon 3803 to use in HT. I initially set it up in two channel and immediately realized how much I enjoyed two channel. I have delayed HT and am concentrating on two channel. Being a newbie with a very modest system, I would like to solicit advice on where / how to start on the upgrade path. My system:
Denon 3803
Rotel 1072
Green Mountain Europhas

I suspect the place to start is to replace the Denon. I've considered both an integrated and pre / power amps. I don't have a defined budget, but I don't think I could afford to purchase the pre and power amps at the same time. Should I consider a power amp initially to use in conjuction with the Denon? Should I consider an intergrated?

I enjoy most types of types of music, but slanted to blues, rock, and jazz vocals.

I live in a small market (East Tenn.) where access to equipment is limited, so I welcome all recommendations.
Your speakers will not sing with a Denon. You should be looking for a low-impedance higher-power amp and preamp, such as a Odyssey Stratos, McCormack or similar.
Try a Cayin TA-30 integrated tube amp. There is one here for $599 right now, I believe. I have this combo and it makes beautiful music!
When you upgrade to HT, just find a 3 channel amp for center and surrounds, pick up an HT processor, or use your Denon and run the front lt/rt outs into one of the TA-30 inputs. Leave your CDP direct to the TA-30. Or just use the Denon to power the center and surrounds, even cheaper!
I think that most people will suggest that the Denon is the weakest link. If you want to stay in two channel, either of the two upgrade paths you suggest are fine. If you go the integrated route, many good integrated have pre-outs so there is still the possibility of later upgrading to separates utilizing the integrated. On the other hand, if you wish to maintain the HT option, then the integrated option might not be best. I would suggest in this case a separate pre-pro and then a multichannel power amp.If you like your Rotel, they make make good components for the budget minded audiophile. You might look at their pre-pros and multichannel amps. They appear regularly in the AudiogoN listings at pretty good prices if you don't want to buy new.