Upgrade Primaluna Dialogue 2 to Dialogue Premium

I currently own the Dialogue 2 Integrated amp and wondering if it is worth upgrading to the Premium. The reviews of the Premium have been quite positive but no comparison to the D2. My speakers are the Focal 1027be which can be revealing at the higher frequencies especially with digital sources. I prefer the sound of the SED Winged 'C' SL34 tubes over the original KT88. Has anyone compared the 2 amps?
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I eventually upgraded to the premium and found the sound a bit more open and detailed. I also changed the stock Primaluna EL34 tubes to the GL KT-77 and the stock 12AU7 to the Cifte 12AU7 and recommended by Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio. This made the sound more 3D and a larger soundstage. 

After a year I couldn't be more happier with the Premium especially with KT-77 and Cifte tubes recommended by Kevin. The Premium with these tubes have a beautiful midrange and the best soundstage and holographic sound I ever had in the 40+ years of being an audiophile. I also replaced the Focals with Lawrence Violin SE speakers which sound wonderful with the Premium. The Focals with the beryllium tweeters were a bit too bright for my tastes.

So the answer to your questions, Was it worth the price difference, I would say yes. As to the improvement, was it large, no but there was a difference that I'm glad I made the purchase. Either PL dialogue integrated amps are a best buy in my book. 

BTW- the icing on the cake was replacing the stock fuse with an Audio Horizons Platinum fuse. This fuse added another dimension to the sound that I was able to hear further into recording and more detail.