Upgrade Primaluna Dialogue 2 to Dialogue Premium

I currently own the Dialogue 2 Integrated amp and wondering if it is worth upgrading to the Premium. The reviews of the Premium have been quite positive but no comparison to the D2. My speakers are the Focal 1027be which can be revealing at the higher frequencies especially with digital sources. I prefer the sound of the SED Winged 'C' SL34 tubes over the original KT88. Has anyone compared the 2 amps?
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I have a DiaLogue One, which I love, paired to a pair of Sonus faber Elipsa SE’s. I got the chance to play with an HP at home for a few days and found the results very interesting. I posted my thoughts on this board not too long ago (you can read more here:


...but, in short, I ended up keeping my DiaLogune One. :)