Upgrade pre-amp to C2200 or speakers?

I have to upgrade my pre-amp and speakers but can only do one for a long long time. I'm currently running a McIntosh MVP851 into the MHT200 Home Thetre processor which runs into 2 MC275 Mk IV. They are driving a pair of B&W 804s (Nautilus not Diamond)

My choices are adding the McIntosh C2200 preamp or changing speakers to a pairof Tyler's Super Towers. Which way would you go?

Also, my listening room is 11X20 but the speakers have to shoot across the 11 ft space. Tweeters are at 44" which is about 3" above my ear.

Thank you
You have a very nice setup. I guess that is a hard question when we don't know why you feel you want to upgrade. If you are going 2 channel only then I guess you don't need the nice MHT200 but If you have a multi-use A/V system then you may need the MHT200,

The Tyler's are nice speakers and have not compaired them to the B&W's.

Go with the preamp. You already have decent speakers and I think you'll find that a good preamp has a greater effect on your system than anything else you might change. Heck you might even decide after getting the preamp that you're happy with your speakers. Good luck!
I agree with Jond entirely.
100 percent agree with above, I have found electronics make a huge difference, I use a c2200/2751v into a pair of B&W cm2 a whopping 900/pr bookshelf speakers, they just make them fly.
Thanks folks. I've come to the unhappy conclusion that because of space and cost, I cannot keep both HT and a great 2-channel so I sacrificed HT in favor of doing 2-channel system. I'm selling off the HT and speakers and getting both the C2200 and the Tyler Super Towers. It was a hard decision, but a realistic one. Sad day :0(
go with the c2200