Upgrade power cord for MC 275 and c2300?

Dear all,

I have a MC275 and c2300. I never looked into upgrading the AC cable, because I figured a company like McIntosh would only use very good AC cables on these products. However, I am now thinking that McIntosh knows that audiophiles are going to want to choose very particular high-end AC cables no matter what, and therefore don't include high-end stock AC cables. Which theory of mine is correct? More importantly, if the latter is correct, I would appreciate recommendations for a good after-market cable.

Power cords can definitely make a difference, however if you don't have a dedicated line/lines and upgraded AC outlet, I would do this first.
What is a dedicated line?

The typical wall outlet is on a circuit with other outlets and possibly lights. A licensed electrician would install a dedicated line by adding a breaker to the box, running wire from that breaker straight to an upgraded wall outlet with no connections in between. It's a good idea to do at least 2 with breakers on the same side of the box. IMO, I would use 20 amp breakers, 10 gauge wire, and 20 amp outlets, but not hospital grade, as these are usually plated.

Here's a good article about the benefits,


As the article states, it is very cost effective for the improvement in sound quality.
You'll be shocked. Then with high quality outlets (I use Furutech) such as Porter Ports, etc, you'll have sound never imagined before. I also forgo any conditioning.