Upgrade Power conditioner

I use a Monster Powercenter 2600 (basic $ 150 used)power conditioner. I use Coincident PowerCables. Does it make sens to upgrade to a PS Audio, Audience, or Isoclean - $ 1,500 or $ 2,000 unit. What do they do to the music that the basic unit does not do.
Hi Dcaudio,

I went from a similar Monster Powercentre to a PS Audio power plant for my source equipment a few years back (I still have the power plant) and in a nutshell, it just made everything sound better...lower noise floor, better imaging, transperency, etc.....
I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.Well, not really. The better your system is the more improvement a better conditioner will make.---One may change amps/ pre's and such but a good conditioner stays and improves the pieces you bought.--- There is a Custom Power Block in the ads for not much money but will benifit your system. I had one for 4/5 years---and moved up.---The member I sold mine to, loved it.
Yes it is. I went from a Monster to P300 and my jaw hit the floor. Big improvement, way beyond expectation.

Please audition something from the Furman Reference line. The Reference 15 can be had for 2k new, and is without question the best power conditioner I have heard. In fact, it is the only one I consider better than going without conditioning at all (using dedicated lines and high quality outlets). Conditioners are tricky and I have found usually do more harm than good if you have decent electricity to start with (e.g., don't live in a high rise). The Furman Reference series is a striking exception.
Your mileage may vary when you get into the power conditioner shuffle. I 've seen almost every conditioner be recommended by audiophiles and then also criticized by other audiophiles for harming the sonics. Most conditioners get praised and then bashed. I have a Shunyata Hydra 4 which I like, but I'm looking for even more performance. One thing you want from a conditioner, like your physician, is to "first do no harm."

I just ordered a power regenerator, (APS Purepower), so I'll see how it is. Don't confuse power conditioners with power regenerators. A power conditioner filters the AC coming in, either passively or actively. The regenerators take the incoming AC, isolate it, convert it to DC and then back to AC (simplistic explanation). So you get isolation and a perfect 120 volt sine wave at 50/60 cycles. PS Audio has both conditioners and regenerators (power plants). The Audience is a power conditioner and the Isoclean is an isolation transformer. (not familiar with)

Whatever you buy, conditoner or regenerator, make a good attempt at being able to try before you buy. Or, if you buy used, make sure you get a good price so you can try it and resell it here if it does not measure up in your system. I've consistently been reading good comments about the Exactpower 15a and I almost pulled the trigger on one. Personally, on paper, I like the idea of power regeneration, since with it you isolate the AC line, convert it to DC and back to accurate, clean 120 AC. In theory, this is better than having a dedicated line if you don't have a power regenerator in the circuit.
I use the big powervar for my pre amp and digital front end and plug my amp directly onto the wall. For the money I think the powervar is excellent.

I would say , yes it makes sense to buy an upscale conditioner if you have the rest of your system completed how you want it, and keep the conditioner price relative to your system investment.

I recently bought an Audience Adept Response conditioner that litterally transformed an already great sounding system. I am still shocked at the difference this conditioner has brought about.

As usual, one conditioner might sound better in your system over another model.