Upgrade power cable for Quads???

I enjoy a pair of Quad 988 esl's and I was wondering if anyone who owns (or have owned) Quad esl loudspeakers have tried replacing the factory power cable with an after market 'high end' power cable. And if so, did you notice any sonic improvements?
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I am trying out Soundstring Power Cables on my Quad 988, and it makes a huge difference. There is so much more bass, I may need bass traps.

I am also interested in hearing others experience.
Have been using Transparent pcs (entry level) with my 3 year old ESL 2905s. It does make a difference but have not tried experimenting with more expensive pcs. The system sounds really good as it is.
Best of luck.
Interesting to note that the speakers are fully charged (at least the 63's are and I assume the newer models as well) only a few moments after they are turned on so why would the PC make a difference in the tonal extremes? Seem to be different schools of thought on this. I find that a better PC does eliminate some noise in my 63's, but I can't say I hear a difference in the bass.
This is one of those mysteries : a pc change should not have any impact on an ESL. Yet I remember a subtle change/improvement when using an after market pc with my ML Odysseys.
Sometimes it's not WHAT we hear but what we WANT to hear. Although I will not dispute the fact that my 63's seem to sound better with an aftermarket PC because of reduced noise. Did I just contradict myself ?(!*
For my system, it is not a subtle improvement.

I get fuller over all sound with the Soundstring PC, which results in much more bass. Now I am seriously contemplating bass traps for my room. If I were to quantify the differences in "bass response" I give stock cables 4, Signal Cables 6, and Soundstring 8 (scale of 1 to 10).

My friend's opinion was that somehow I was not getting enough power to my Quads before, and that now I am experiencing the full potential of the Quads. I am not sure if PC's actually "color the sound" e.g. add more bass, or have characteristics.

I do believe that everyone's experience will be different, and it will vary depending on the system. Since I am still burning in my CT6 preamp, and the cardas golden cross IC between the preamp and MV60 amp, I plan to wait awhile before making any decisions on the PC.
No question that everyone's experience will be different and everyone hears differently. Stik checking your system page I think you would probably benefit from some room treatments. Base traps in the room corners and in addition treatment of the walls behind the Quads has helped my setup considerably. Hope youÂ’re enjoying your new CJ stuff!
i have quad esls and i owned quad 63s. i notice changes in presentation associated with changes in power cords.

i cannot recommend a particular product, as there are too many variables.